ASVAB – Word Knowledge (WK) Test

The Word Knowledge subtest of the ASVAB requires you to both be able to differentiate words based on their spelling and to know what various words mean.

In other words, this section of the test is all about your vocabulary.

This section is also one of the four sections that make up your AFQT score, which determines your eligibility for military service. In addition, a good score on this section is required for a number of military jobs, everything from the obvious journalist position to the maybe not so obvious firefighter position.

Here are some sample questions you may be asked in this section:

  • Evocation most nearly means
  • As he grew older, John began to show a proclivity for baseball. What does proclivity mean?
  • Debauchery most nearly means

To test your current word-knowledge skills, we recommend taking our Word Knowledge Practice Tests, which is filled with questions that are similar to what you will find on the real ASVAB.

Taking this practice test will help you develop the knowledge you need to earn a high score. It will also help you get familiar with the CAT-ASVAB test-taking process so that you feel more confidence and comfortable when you go to take the real test.

In addition to taking our practice tests, you may also want to consult our study guides for additional study tips and information that can help you increase your score even more.

Don’t forget you can take our practice test as many times as you like and each time you do take it we will reorder the questions to create a new learning experience for you.

This section on the CAT-ASVAB has 16 questions, which you must answer in 8 minutes. This section on the paper ASVAB has 35 questions that you have 11 minutes to answer.