ASVAB Auto & Shop Information (AS) Test

The Auto & Shop Information Subtest measures your knowledge of automotive systems and repairs as well as your understanding of various shop tools and fasteners. This, too, is a specialized subtest that is not used to determine your Armed Forces Qualification Test score. Your results are only used to determine your eligibility for various military jobs.

The pencil-and-paper version of the Auto & Shop Information Subtest consists of 25 questions that you have 11 minutes to answer. Generally, about half the questions are auto related and the other half are shop related.  On the computerized test, you get 11 questions on automobile information that you have 7 minutes to answer and 11 questions on shop information that you have 6 minutes to answer.

Here are some sample questions that could be on the test:

  • What is a carburetor’s primary function?
  • What does the alternator do?
  • What’s another name for a pipe wrench?

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Remember, our practice test is free to take and you can retake it an unlimited amount of times. Also, each time you retake it we will reorder the questions.